"I am a 64-year-old woman with osteoporosis and Rymauds (circulation – auto immune) disease. I walk daily and have taken yoga with Whitney about 2 years.

She teaches an authentic yoga class connecting the mind, body, and spirit. It is not an exercise class where the focus is on “the burn” and repetitions performed in an hour. Her practices are gentle, with a balanced flow of poses and lots of self-care for everybody.

With Whitney’s guidance, yoga has increased my flexibility, posture, strength, breath, and mindfulness. I leave every session feeling refreshed and renewed."

Paula Wilderson


"Whitney is without a doubt the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had. I’m 78 and have been doing yoga off and on for about 45 years. We have lived many places and I’ve had many instructors but have been looking for someone like Whitney since the beginning. I feel so lucky to have found her.

She has a lovely voice, and she watches us and talks to us the whole time we are there. She very quietly and gently corrects us when we need it. It’s such peaceful yoga. I had a stroke about 10 years ago and have some limitations, but she always offers ways to compensate. Her heart and her lovely soul are in her teaching."

Ellen Newton


"Whitney’s way of teaching yoga is gentle but progressive. She does great warm ups to help you into deeper stretches. She is always up beat, kind, patient and encouraging. She checks for individual needs and adapts practices to ones needs and physical concerns.

I’ve been practicing yoga with Whitney about 10 years. Early on I could hardly go up stairs (a knee problem – maybe back) for a while. I walked with a cane. My range of motion (especially my hips) has greatly improved, also my posture. Today at the age of 76 I was out doing work in my flower garden. During my early years of practice with her, I went through releasing of a lot of built up emotions which lead to inner healing.

She could see my tears and indiscreetly give me a tissue and continue on with the class with no disruption.

Whitney has a lot to give and is a great teacher."

Peggy McDonnell


 "Over the past year I have had the pleasure of attending Whitney’s weekly yoga sessions at a neighborhood recreation center. This class is made up of women around my age.... late 60s and retired. Like me, some are facing physical challenges like arthritis.

I am also overweight. These factors have made me less willing to participate in group exercise of any kind, especially yoga...but then I heard about Whitney!

I have found joy and a positive attitude in yoga classes that comes from Whitney’s positive attitude, attention and quiet accommodation of her pupils’ limits when needed.

I’m always glad when I can attend, and I leave the class renewed, physically and spiritually. Whitney has a gift.

Those she shares her yoga with are so fortunate!"

Janet Duffy


"I am a 73-year-old woman and have been taking yoga lessons most of my adult life.  I moved numerous times in my younger years even living outside the country for a while.   

All this to say that in that expanse of years I have had many yoga instructors.  I don’t feel qualified to judge these instructors other than to say that there was much to learn from them all as I continued my yoga experience and inner growth.

Then came Whitney and suddenly yoga came alive!  What an incredible girl!  She embodies the yoga sense of well-being and spiritual connection.  She reaches out to us to come join her in this interaction between mind and body. 

She sets an example with her dynamic personality, skill, knowledge and spirituality that makes me want to soar with her.  I consider her my most valued asset on my life long yoga journey.

If I were to give yoga a face that face would be Whitney.  She is an inspiration."

Gay Tanis


“I have been a Massage Therapist since 1999. Two and a half years ago I had a very bad episode of sciatica. It affected my entire left hip, leg, and extended under my foot. 

I had two protruding discs at L4,5 and L5,S1.  I underwent physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drug therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and laser treatments, in the course of a year. I slowly began to get better, but I knew I had to do more because I was not at a functioning level I had been accustomed living. 

I had been searching for a Yoga class and an instructor who I felt could meet my needs and ability level.  I am a senior, so I was in search for an instructor who was a traditional practitioner.  I needed stretches to lengthen and soothe muscles that were sore and shortened from being under painful stress. 

Whitney Carter was a godsend.  She addresses the needs of the body, mind, and spirit.  I could tell a difference within a month attending her classes.  I could stand up straighter and longer, move easier, stretch out those sore back, hip, and leg muscles.  My balance got better, I move more and with greater ease. 

I very rarely miss a Yoga class with Whitney.  It is a part of my schedule, my life.  It is very hard these days to find a Yoga instructor who adheres to the true spirit of Yoga and I consider myself blessed.”

 Lane Thornhill


 "Just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to my WONDERFUL Yoga instructor Whitney Carter-Myers.  She is a true gem in her field. I’m a 54-year-old female who has been taking classes with her on and off for five plus years. I had NO idea the benefits I would get from attending her classes.  It is like for an hour I’m on a different planet…what I mean by that is that she completely draws you in to the moment, so you have an hour of just you in your own mind.  You don’t think about outside stuff like work, laundry and all the other stuff that clogs up our heads on a daily basis… When you leave her class, you are ready and prepared for whatever life is going to drop in your lap that day.

 You hear some people say, “Oh I can’t do Yoga because the instructor wants you to do all this crazy stuff”.  Whitney encourages everyone to do what their body can handle and is very aware that all people have different needs for their Yoga practice.  While she is instructing she will say things like “If you need a lighter stretch do this, or if you need a deeper stretch do this.” She walks around the room to help with any needs you may have.

Whitney’s voice is SO soothing and relaxing while you are in her class, I would imagine that of an angel.  She draws you in and nurtures your mind, body and spirit while directing you to the next pose…I would highly recommend her classes…or let me say, “If you need to be healed from the inside out just step into one of her classes. You will LOVE her as much as I do.” She is SO precious, positive, very knowledgeable, and serious about her Yoga practice.

Toni Hicks  


 "My journey with Whitney Carter Myers,

I have known Whitney for 14 years.  Her sweet manner and kindness was very evident so when she said she was going to offer a yoga class to our neighborhood, I was very, very happy.  I had been taking yoga from a girl who had moved away a year earlier and had tried several other instructors but was never happy with the direction of the classes.  Most treated it as an aerobics class without much individual instruction or care in making sure everyone understood what we were doing or if we were doing it in a safe way to not cause injury.

Well, my first class with Whitney I felt like I had found my home, my teacher.  It ended up being a small class of 5/6 woman, all of us in our sixties.  The care with which she treated us was amazing.  I was fairly healthy then, but many of us had serious health issues.  She was kind and encouraging, careful but challenging.  She continued teaching through two pregnancies which was fun and amazing to watch her go through the process of changing class to take care of herself but never losing sight of our needs.  In the past few years, my body has had many changes and challenges, but she always remains uplifting, encouraging and yet challenging.  She is always positive and enthusiastic, and it is obvious she loves teaching.

Not only does she do the physical work with us, but she is always concerned with our emotional and personal situations.  I look forward to the first of every month to see what the topic is for the month.  Some have been Thanksgiving, Gratitude, Strengthening, Caring for ourselves, and many more.  She does her homework to give us a new lesson on the topic every week and almost always has a wonderful handout on the topic.  I have gained a lot of weight and never once has she even suggested I may have a problem doing yoga.  She accepts us as we are and works with us where we are - no judgement from Whitney.

Lastly, it is obvious she loves to use her psychology degree in the way she handles any issues that arise or just in the class discussions. The class has grown to 10/14 women and she is always encouraging, kind, supportive and positive.  I would be very upset if I could no longer participate in a class with Whitney."

Deanna (Dani) Lewis,   Age 74